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About Visit Switzerland

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Travel inspiration from Switzerland

Visit Switzerland provides award-winning travel inspiration for photographers, travellers and Switzerland-lovers. More than 500,000 people follow us on Instagram and other social media. They find inspiration in our features and stories from all over Switzerland directly on their smartphones.

Featuring your favourite moments

Travel Inspiration Calfeisental Heidiland

On Instagram @visitswitzerland we present a selection of visual stories from both famed and lesser known places. Instagram photographers and travellers know @visitswitzerland well. Every day, hundreds of photographers and travellers tag #visitswitzerland or mention our account as they share their favourite moments from Switzerland with our community.

Some of our very best photo spots

A map with photo spots from all over Switzerland helps photographers and visitors to learn about and explore the featured places. The 500+ spots are some of the best in Switzerland.

Leading instagram photographers

Photographers Engadin St Moritz influencers by Andre Stummer

We work with worldwide leading and highly authentic Instagram photographers since 2014, including Hannes Becker (Germany), Simone Bramante (Italy), Christoffer Collin (Sweden), Frauke Hagen (Germany), Jason Hill (Australia), Konsta Punkka (Finland), Max Münch (Germany), Emilie Ristevski (Australia), Alex Strohl (US/France) as well as Martina Bisaz, Fabio Zingg and numerous other Instagram photographers from Switzerland.

Awards for authentic campaigns

Travel inspiration on Instagram

In 2015, Visit Switzerland was nominated for European Excellence Awards in PR and Communications in the category “Travel and Tourism”. In 2017, our Instagram campaigns won the Goldbach Cross Media Award for Engadin St. Moritz Tourist Board.

Helping brands to reach their goals

Travel inspiration for destinations

We partner with several of Switzerland’s leading destinations and brands. We help our partners to reach their goals on Instagram. We love to create win-win relationships on Instagram for both content creators and Swiss brands. Every project is unique and highly authentic. Several campaigns have gone viral and were observed by up to 20 million people.

Visit Switzerland was founded in 2014 by Marcus Händel and is based in Zürich.