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Places in Switzerland to visit in May

Are you looking for instagramable places in Switzerland to visit in May? Then our landscapes below 1500 metres will be full of green and spring-colours, and often surrounded by snow-topped mountains. Enjoy his little selection of photos which were all taken in May. Find all locations and get the directions on our map.

Lauterbrunnen & Stechelberg, Bern

Where will you have your first picnic of the year? Why not do a hike above Lauterbrunnen, or in Stechelberg.

Grossegg, Morschach

Or take a seat on a hike above Lake Lucerne.

Rhine falls, Schaffhausen

Best time with lots of melting water is in Spring. Find the locations of more spectacular waterfalls in Switzerland here.

Hoher Kasten, Appenzell

In summer, it’s one of the busiest places in Appenzell. Therefore you may want to go here early in the year. Enjoy the views all over Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein.

Quinten, Walensee

Spring is probably the best time of the year at Walensee. Don’t miss the Seerenbach waterfalls on your hike from Weesen. Find more photo spots around Walensee here.

Lac de l’Hongrin, Vaud

If you like hikes to distant lakes in green landscapes: Lac de l’Hongrin is at 1255m. They say that the best access is on weekends.

Montreux in May, Vaud

Flower power from Lac Léman with white tops of Dents du Midi.

Lavertezzo, Ticino

Crystal clear waters of Lavertezzo with its famed double arch bridge. It’s the most famed spot of Valle Verzasca, therefore visit in May before the tourists! Find Top 10 photo spots in Ticino here.

Soglio, Bregaglia

The Far East of Switzerland is always worth a detour. The chapel of Soglio goes well with the white peaks of Val Bregaglia.

Did you enjoy this selection? Find more amazing instagramable views to explore here. For more ideas in Switzerland, head over to the map and use the filter “hikes”. For new photos from Switzerland, head over to Visit Switzerland on Instagram.