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The 10 most spectacular waterfalls in Switzerland

 Spring and early summer is best time of the year to shoot spectacular waterfalls. Because when snow is melting they are are a lot more powerful than in the rest of the year.

Scroll down for a nice long list of 10 famous and lesser known falls from all over Switzerland. Find the exact locations on the map with all waterfalls. Read on to learn about the selected waterfalls:

The 1) Staubbach Falls in Lauterbrunnen are probably the most famous (say: instagrammable) waterfalls in Switzerland, together with the Rhine falls. Try to shoot those from a new perspective!

Some lesser known falls in Berner Oberland are 3) Mettelbach in Muothatal 4) Engstligen Falls in Adelboden.

When crossing Klausen Pass in the summer months, don’t miss 5) Berglistüber Wasserfall and the 6) Stäuben falls in Unterschächen/Uri.

When you travel between Zürich and Chur/Davos, you do a short hike to 7) Seerenbach falls in Betlis at Lake Walensee – they are the highest cascading waterfalls in Europe.

In Ticino you can find the most famous falls in 8) Foroglio, Val Bavona, and 9) Cascada del Salto in Valle Maggia, Ticino.

If you happen to be in Western Switzerland then consider 10) Gorge de l’Areuse (with its famous stone bridge).

All photos were featured on Instagram Visit Switzerland. Did you like the selection? Of course there are many more waterfalls. Are you missing one place? Let us know below. Or you cannot wait to swim in an ice-cold mountain lake? Then explore the best Swiss lakes to cool off in summer 2019.