10 Swiss mountain lakes to cool off in summer 2018

How about a refreshing dip in one of our numerous Swiss mountain lakes? Summer is good time to cool off at higher altitudes, and after hikes. However summer is also the busiest time of the year. Find below some ideas for great lesser known lakes.

Lakes in Appenzell

You’ve probably seen Seealpsee on Instagram before (title photo: @nathaliesarah_). You get here on the famed hike from Wasserauen to Ebenalp. Two other lakes – Fälensee and Gräppelensee – are lesser known alternatives for cooling off in Appenzell.

Lakes in Graubünden

Here we do not feature the famed (and mostly crowded) Caumasee and Crestasee. There are lesser known alternatives. When you cross Albula pass “Crap Alv Lajets” is a true hidden gem not far from Bever. It’s not far from the more famous Lai da Palpuogna. Älplisee is a nice hike from Arosa, and Wildsee is the second lake in the famous 5-lakes hike in Pizol, Heidiland.

Lakes in Valais

These are lesser known places in Valais.

Swiss mountain lakes in Ticino

Everyone knows Lavertezzo, probably one of the most busy places in Swiss summer. How about these more quiet alternatives in Ticino.

Did you enjoy our selection of Swiss mountain lakes? Most of the photos were taken in month July. Keep in mind that most of the lakes are quite cold, without any facilities. Therefore you might  consider them as great photo spots, too 😉 Would you like to learn about more lesser known places in Switzerland? Find some ideas here.

Some routes are not yet available on Google Maps. Why not socialise with the photographers on Instagram and ask them how to get there. Or contact us, or let us know in the comment below.



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