Most instagrammable places in Engadin St Moritz

Engadin St Moritz, or Oberengadin, is one of the most famous destinations in Switzerland. It’s also a top destination for photographers in all seasons. Here we present a few of the most instagrammable places in Engadin. Meet the photographers, find the exact photo spots and get directions on our map.

Julier Pass

This is the first ever Instagram photo of Julier Pass from the air. Taken by Alex Strohl in July 2016. Since then, numerous photographers stop by here with their drones. Julier Pass is one of the few Swiss passes which is open throughout the year.

Lej da Staz

Lej da Staz (Stazersee) is probably Engadin’s most famed photo spot on Instagram. While the larger lakes of Engadin often are windy, Lej da Staz offers better reflections. Lej da Staz is also an amazing place for the blue hour and the sunrise. Watch out for early mornings when the water is warmer than the air.

Lej da Staz is an easy 20 minute walk from another great view: Hotel Waldhaus at lake St. Moritz. Don’t drive to the lake: if you don’t want to walk to Lej da Staz then book a taxi with a special permit for the road to the lake.

Muottas Muragl

Don’t know what to do on a cloudy afternoon? Take the funicular from Punt Muragl up to Muottas at 2400 metres. Enjoy the ever-changing light above the valley. In this pic you can see Lej da Staz, Lake St. Moritz, Lake Silvaplana and Lake Sils.

Grevas Alvas

Grevas Alvas above lake Sils is another rewarding place for photos. During the day, hike to the hamlet Blaunca, which was a setting for a Heidi movie. It’s also a great place to shoot the first sunlight above Lake Sils.

Maloja pass

If you are on Instagram, you might have already seen the curves of Maloja Pass from above. The photo above by @zrodyr has been featured by @instagram and many many others. But Maloja pass is not only good for drones: 

Using a drone in Engadin

Finally, a word about using drones in Engadin. As everywhere in the world, you need to comply with the rules. Extensive wildlife zones, the Swiss National Park and Samedan Airport limit the use of drones in Engadin. If you have a drone: it’s your responsibility to use the drone in accordance with the law, and with respect to wildlife and people.

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