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Are you a travel enthusiast? And you love photography? Then Visit Switzerland Places is for you.

Inspiring photos from famed and hidden spots

Get inspired by outstanding photos from more than 500 instagramable locations from Switzerland. Meet the photographers and travellers featured on Instagram @VisitSwitzerland.

Julier Pass
Shot by @alexstrohl for @engadin.stmoritz in July 2016

Explore our “bucket list” selections from Switzerland – and our other selections of the best Swiss train views, road goals, Swiss mountains, Swiss lakes, hikes to great views. Many places are lesser known, or off the beaten paths in Switzerland. The selections are changing according to your interests and the seasons.Bucket list, Visit Switzerland

The places YOU love

You don’t get inspired by anonymous stock photos? Neither do we. The feature photos are made by real users from real places – where YOU love to spend your time. Most pictures are new, they have been made in the last months.

Instameet Engadin St. Moritz
Shot by Gareth Pon in St. Moritz 2015

All locations on a map

Visit Switzerland Places makes it easy for you to find exact locations of each place. Contrary to the geotags on Instagram, Facebook or Flickr the places are reliable and accurate. You can search locations, or spots near you, or anywhere in Switzerland. Meet the photographers and read the full stories on Instagram. Or share ideas with your friends on WhatsApp.

Get there with the route planner

Plan your trip on your favourite map app GoogleMaps, and take your travel plans from there. 

The map is growing every week. If your favourite place is still missing, let us know. If you happen to know where a pin should be re-located, please use the “Help Improve” button. Or email We appreciate every feedback. As a little sign of appreciation, we will check your Instagram page. 

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